Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year's Eve, and THE WHEELS OF DOOM

Hola everyone! And Happy New Year! Big Al and I would like to wish you all a healthy, happy and adventurous 2009!

Here at Casa Nora, we had a spectacular New Year's Eve, complete with a great bbq dinner, good conversation, and fireworks on the beach - with all of our fun and interesting guests.

We had guests from Finland, from the UK, from France, and two groups of houseguests from Germany - who no longer reside there. As Al said - it was like having dinner at the UN.

Simo and Sini - from Finland

Please meet Simo and Sini. He's an engineer, and she's a police officer - and they both are major windsurfers and lovers of heavy metal music!

And they are also newlyweds! Aaaaaaawwwww....

Alison and Adrian

Here are Alison and Adrian from Manchester, England. These two are 'kite buggy' racers. Yes, that's what I said. They race 3-wheeled buggies that are attached to a kite. In fact, Adrian is ranked third in England, and is sponsored by Ozone. And, he's a major dare devil! (The ghostly figure behind them, is my husband, Big Al, fooling around......again.......)

Laetitia and Bertrand
Laetitia and Bertrand are from France, and dropped over for a few days to celebrate New Year's.

Lea and Simon
Lea and Simon are from Germany, currently residing in Dallas, Texas. And both are alot of fun! Thanks for the ring, Lea - I love it!

Mama Nora and Christian

Christian is also from Germany, but currently resides in London, England. Hhhhmmmm - I'm starting to see a pattern here...... Christian is a business man, who previously managed such musical acts as Terrence Trent Darby and Milli Vanilli....... And is a close personal friend of Snoop Doggy Dog. His stories are fascinating. A day without Christian is like a day without sunshine......

Everyone decided to pitch in to help prepare our New Year's Eve feast. In this photo, Simon and Simo are preparing their appetizers.

Leticia and Bertrand prepared a bowl of mojitos........

....while Alison (whose hobby back home is making hand-made chocolates) used Big Al's dark chocolate to prepare dessert.


Lea, Sini and Simo - now all good friends.

Michael, Nora, Lea and Simon

We all hung out a bit, waiting for the food.....................

......and then enjoyed the appetizers - Finnish meatballs, and toasted bread with goat cheese.

While Al finished grilling the beef and the salmon.......

.......we all gathered around the table for a truly delicious feast.......

......of which, Christian, a connoisseur of fine food, approved!

Simon relaxing after the meal.

Alison and Adrian relaxing after the meal.

And Sini relaxing after the meal. Hhhhmmm, must be some kind of a Finnish custom.....

The evening was capped off with champagne and fireworks on the beach! Happy '09 everyone!


As previously mentioned, Adrian is a kite buggy racer, as well as a dare devil. During conversations with Al, Adrian discovered that Al had purchased a set of all-terrain roller blades. These behemoths are about 3 feet long, with a large wheel on either end, with a contraption in the middle into which you strap your feet. Adrian's eyes lit up, 'Ah, you've got the Wheels of Doom, then?" he asked Al. Nodding slowly, Al said, 'Yes, I believe I do.' 'Do you mind if I try out the Wheels of Doom with my kite?' asks Adrian, as silence descends on the terrace, while we all picture the outcome of this idea.........

What happens when you add the Wheels of Doom, plus a kite, plus a salina or salt flat, plus Adrian?
It might help to visualize this:

The Wheels of Doom

.....a kite....

+ Adrian.....



One fine sunny day, Adrian decides that on this day he will try to kite with the Wheels of Doom. Simo and Sini, Alison, Al and I load up the truck with the Wheels of Doom, with Adrian's kite and head off searching for the perfect salt flat. It really seemed like a terrific idea, until we did find the perfect salina, and Adrian strapped himself into the Wheels of Doom, and it really seemed like he was going to do it. Simo, his video camera at the ready, was smiling nervously at me. While Al was helping Adrian get ready, Simo asked how close the nearest hospital was. That got me thinking, and I had a quiet discussion with Al. Al asked Adrian if he had any medical insurance or even life insurance, but Adrian just laughed......!!!! And Alison seemed completely unperturbed by the whole thing, while she pumped up Adrian's kite, and prepared his kite lines.

Simo and Alison pumping up the kite.

Sini, nervously looking on. (Please note the power lines and highway off in the near distance...)

Adrian, with his pit crew (namely Al) readies himself for the big event.

After several moments of quiet introspection, checking wind speed and direction, Adrian declares that 'We are a GO!' And for better or worse, Al and I cheer him on.

And he's off! Looking a little wobbly, and heading directly towards a cactus patch. Yikes!

Oh crapola.......

Having averted potential disaster with the help of his pit crew, Adrian begins his second pass......

......and is looking terrific. Great form, good lean, nice edging with the Wheels of Doom.....

Simo records Adrian's third pass with his video camera. Simo will create a YouTube video set to the music of perrenial heavy metal favourite, AC/DC's 'Hells Bells.'

It may appear that Adrian's pit crew is looking perplexed or bewildered, or both, but that is not the case. He is holding onto his cap, as the wind picked up considerably. Excellent!



Perfect form! Nice speed! Well done, Adrian!

After several passes, Adrian is done. After removing the Wheels Of Doom.........

Adrian, literally, jumps for joy!

Adrian, relaxing in the pool, during a well deserved rest.

We would like to thank and commend Adrian's sponsor, Ozone, for their righteous decision to sponsor this crazy dude! One small suggestion for future sponsorship contracts - perhaps include some health insurance. And maybe throw in a little something for the spectators as well.......!

Adrian - you rock!